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It was on my first trip to Bali after I just graduated that I started this fascination with indigenous crafts. In one of my many trips, I visited the village of Tengganan, one of only three places in the world to produce double ikat textile, called geringsing.

It was here that I sat for hours with the owner of one of the home of weavers. He explained the process, the reasoning behind every design and the meaning of all the symbols used. Now a piece of beautiful fabric is more than just that. It has a story to tell.

Since then I have travelled and met wonderful people with stories of their lives, families, culture and communities. All of these are quite often being portrayed in their creativity whether for themselves, community or as a form of livelihood.  These details sadly tend to be overlooked when items are being purchased by foreigners.

Here at Wani Textile Stories I am trying to share the stories behind all the beautiful creations. They are more than just a piece of beautiful fabric or basket. They are a part of someones' life, their culture and history.

Hopefully when we purchase them we will continue those stories with our own and attain a greater understanding of the culture that they came from.

Wani x