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Sumba Indigo Ikat Cushion Pasola
Sumba Indigo Ikat Cushion Pasola
Sumba Indigo Ikat Cushion Pasola
a group of Indonesian Sumba indigo ikat cushions

Sumba Indigo Ikat Cushion Pasola

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This unique cushion was made from an ikat selendang (scarf) woven on the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It was made in natural undyed cotton with indigo dye.

Perfect for the contemporary as well as the bohemia and eclectic interior decor. Will look great against the bigger throw cushions.


▪︎40cm x 23cm (15.75" x 9")

▪︎natural dye                                                     

▪︎ hand woven

▪︎cotton check piping and backing

▪︎fully lined in thin cotton

▪︎fillings not included.


The word ikat comes from a Malay word meaning to tie. The yarn are being tied or bound first, as a form of resist, in the desired pattern  and then dyed before being woven into textile. Hence the frayed look in the motifs typical of ikat fabric.

The textile of Sumba represent the means by which the present generation passes on its messages to future generations. Sumbamese textiles are deeply personal; they follow a distinct systematic form but also show the individuality of the weavers and the villages where they are produced.

The motif is called 'pasola', warrior on a horse. The horse is a great feature of Sumba. It is a symbol of verility, bravery, dexterity and heroism. It is also a multipurpose livestock, as means of transport, used in warfare, and a determinantof ones social status.