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Solo Kain Sogan Ceplok
Solo Kain Sogan Ceplok
Solo Kain Sogan Ceplok
Solo Kain Sogan Ceplok

Solo Kain Sogan Ceplok

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 This beautiful, classic vintage batik fabric is from Solo, one of the ancient batik producing city in Java, Indonesia. 

Suitable as an elegant sarong, wrap, shawl or wall hanging.
Perfect for the classic, boho and eclectic style. Great for a contemporary look too.


▪︎242cm x 104cm ( 95" x 41" )

▪︎batik tulis

▪︎natural dye

▪︎in very good vintage condition.

***not suitable for upholstery projects. Please contact me if you would like more informations regarding this.

▪︎handwash only in natural soap or detergent for delicates.


This piece was produced in the late 20th century, using the tjanting (the copper tool used to apply the wax resist) and dyed in soga ( from the bark of soga tree) and indigo. Every dots and lines were hand drawn individually with wax, dyed, boiled and then rewax. The repetition of the process depends on the complexities of the design.

It is in 'ceplok' motif. The Ceplok motif consists of repeated basic geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, ovals and stars. It forms an overall symmetric pattern on the cloth. It is a big family with many names given to it depending on the (a)inventor/user, (b) design, and (c) area in which it was produced.

**pictures are very close representation of the colours but not 100% due to different light conditions and viewing screens. The brown in this piece is more reddish than yellowish. Please sent me a message if you would like more informations.