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Sumba Lau Pahikung Tangawahil
Sumba Lau Pahikung Tangawahil
Sumba Lau Pahikung Tangawahil
Sumba Lau Pahikung Tangawahil
Sumba Lau Pahikung Tangawahil

Sumba Lau Pahikung Tangawahil

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This beautiful Lau pahikung was woven on the island of Sumba, Indonesia.

It refers to a turbular sarong with supplementary warp patterning. This tapestry like supplementary motif is created during the weaving process.

This sarong is perfect as a wonderful ethnic wall hanging or boho and eclectic interior decor.
Suitable as soft furnishings too.
If opened up will make a beautiful bed cover or blanket.


▪︎66cm x 122cm (48" x 26") when sewn on one side like a tube.


▪︎full natural dye

▪︎commercial cotton

▪︎manual application of colours to motifs called ndatta


Pahikung is a weaving technique used on horizontal back tension looms that employs supplementary warps to embellish textiles with an infinite range of geometric and zoomorphic designs, many incorporating the rich iconography of Sumba Island.

Traditionally these were restricted to the maramba or nobility but today there are no longer any prohibitions of who can wear them. Nevertheless lau pahikung remain expensive and beyond the means of poor commoners.

Woven in three different panels.
The top panel is in plain weave.

•Middle - in Mamuli and horse motif - the mamuli is a the vulva-shaped metal ornament given as part of the bride price.
The horse is a great feature of Sumba. It is a multipurpose livestock, as a means of transport, used in warfare, and a determinant of ones social status. It is also an important symbol of marriage. Together with the mamuli as shown in this piece, this Lau forms part of a wedding gift.

•Bottom- the tangawahil is the tray for sirih pinang or paan, an important aspect in sumbese hospitality.


 **pictures are very close representation of the colours but not 100% due to different light conditions and different viewing screens. Please sent me a message if you would like more informations.